what was Imam Khomeini's conception of the two interpretations of American Islam and pure Islam?

Answer: Imam Khomeini's has interpreted two different impressions of Islam as "American Islam" and "Pure Islam" in the present era. He believed that the American Islam is the kind in which all the social responsibilities, all the gateways of Holy war, promotion of good and prevention of evil, Islamic justice, and all the rules related to social and economical relations in the Islamic society are abandoned and ignored. In this kind of Islam, the Muslims are restrained to get involved in their own policy-making and destiny and the religion with its collection of personal worships and litanies, without regarding the real spirit and philosophy, is connected to America and its relatives. Imam Khomeini calls this kind of Islam as the digressive American one. Right in front of this kind of Islam, there is the real one which is called "pure Islam" in Imam Khomeini's interpretations. Pure Islam is described as the oppressed and deprived defender, opponent to riches, power, aristocracy and authorities.

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